Larry Birkhead Finally Met Dannielynn

Larry Birkhead finally met the child he claims is his 5-month-old daughter, Dannielynn. In their time together, Birkhead fed the baby, burped her ? and she threw up on him, according to an interview and profile, part of which was aired on the Today Show Tuesday.

As for how he got his first glimpse of the child that he claims is his, Birkhead said, “They were kind of low-res pictures that [Smith and Stern] sent out to different outlets to see if they were interested in them, and they were so small that I couldn’t see. But even in that small form, I knew when I looked at them, I knew. I said, ‘She’s mine. That’s my baby. She looks like me ? she is mine.’ And there was not a doubt.”

Last week, during the court battle for custody of Smith’s remains, Birkhead was permitted to visit the mortuary and offer his final goodbye. He said his words to her were “something she made me say every night before she went to sleep… I said, ‘Good night, my sweet Anna baby.’ “

Of Stern, who claims he is Dannielynn’s father and is seeking legal custody of the child, Birkhead says, “I think he is doing what he thinks is best. And I think what I am doing is best.”

As for what he one day hopes to tell Danniellyn about her famous mother, Birkhead says, “I just want her to know the good stuff. I want her to know she was a good person, a loving person. She loved kids.”



3 responses to “Larry Birkhead Finally Met Dannielynn”

  1. cheryl says:

    We are all rooting for you. Can’t wait to see the picture of you holding the baby. That creepy looking
    loser HKS will pay for all his crueties. Nobody should steal another man’s baby. HKS, get a life and return the beautiful baby to her wonderful father, Larry Birkhead!
    Good luck to you,larry.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If in reality, Larry Birkhead is the father and gets custody of this child, I hope that he is not in this just for the money. I would like to see him reach a settlement with the Marshall estate,(there seems to be plenty for everyone, who needs billions?) and raises this child to be a responsible person. She probably will be happier without gobs of money anyway.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Larry Birkhead is a nutcase. He had not seen Anna well over a year since the baby was born.
    Why are we not reading about this?
    because the media is only interested in making news. Damn the facts.
    Have you read anything to the contrary.. what is the proof he was even ten miles from Anna when she became pregnant?
    And he says he went to doctor visits with her. Where is the proof of that?
    Anna said he didn’t.
    Can he proove anything he says? No, it is all allegations and hearsay and not one bit of truth.
    Anna had denied having anything to do with him in years.
    He is obsessed with her.
    And now he is obsessed with her child.
    Why did he file a paternity suit right after her son died?
    And if you bother to look it up, he claimed Anna was an unfit mother.
    Said all kinds of nasty things about her to a judge to try to take Anna’s baby away from her. Just when she had lost her son.
    How would he know? Hadn’t been around her in years. Then when she dies she all of a sudden is the love of his life. Look up his website. Before her death she was unfit… now she is the love of his life.. And after she died he goes to Florida demanding DNA from her body…. because… are you ready for this… SOMEONE TRIES A BABY SWITCH. That guy is crazy.
    A decent man wouldn’t have involved all the media when Anna and Howard were grieving the death of her son. Howard had been in the picture for years.. not so Larry Birkhead. He was a real creep to do this paternity bs at that time. And how sick can you get … demanding a piece of her DNA.. after she is dead.. because of a baby switch. Nuts!!
    I bet he takes that DNA and sleeps with it. What a sicko. And so many people are ignorant.. they believe everything the media tells them to believe. As far as those father’s groups go… Where are the rights of Howard? He is named on the birth certificate.. how would other men like to have a nutcase claiming they are the father of their child and try to take the baby away. If a man is named on the birth certificate as the father… he is the father. If he isn’t questioning it why should the public be demanding a DNA test to satisfy their sick lust for drama.
    I can’t believe how many people fell for this Larry guy’s BS. I hope none of you men have a child and have some other guy show up demanding DNA to prove he is the dad when you believe the child is your’s. To take your child away.