Miley Cyrus’ Stepmom Blasts Pregnancy Hoax

Miley’s stepmother has blasted hurtful internet reports that the teenager is pregnant, revealing the rumor left the TV star/singer in tears.

A callous hacker reworked a J-14 magazine article online to suggest Cyrus was with child. He even doctored her quotes to make it look like she was apologizing to fans for letting them down – and she planned to keep her baby.

Cyrus has maintained a bright outlook as she addressed the reports, but now admits she was devastated. She says, “As much as I wanna say it didn’t effect me, it really hurt my feelings.”

And her stepmom Leticia reveals the fake gossip upset the entire Cyrus family. She explains, “She screamed and was crying. She was very upset which made me more infuriated. She has a purity ring and we’re really strong in the belief of being pure until marriage. It was really hard for our family.” J-14 officials have since condemned the Internet tampering that led to the false report. Source