Oscar De La Hoya’s Only Interview

It’s been over a week since photos that appear to depict prizewinning boxer OSCAR DE LA HOYA in fishnet stockings, high heels and a miniskirt surfaced. He has maintained the images were fake. Now, for the first time he is going on camera to talk about the controversy — only to ET and “The Insider.” The boxing champ met with ET’s MARK STEINES in Los Angeles for a candid and heartfelt interview. He tells Mark of the pain the situation has caused his family and meets our questions with sincerity. Was he in the Philadelphia hotel room where the photos were taken? How does he know MILANA DRAVNEL (the woman who said she took the photos and later told a different story to the press)? And what does Boxing’s Golden Boy want to say to his legions of fans?

Mark asks the question on everyone’s mind: “Set the record straight for me one last time — is it you in the photographs?” “Well, I can obviously see that it’s me in that photograph, but these are fake, these are Photoshopped,” Oscar replies. “It’s painful to see that, because my family’s going through a hard time.” Mark will appear on Friday’s “The Insider” with the complete story.? Source