Papa Simpson Approves of John Mayer

Joe Simpson may not have approved of Nick Lachey, but he’s giving John Mayer, the thumbs up. “If Jessica is in love, I love the things she is in love with,” Joe Simpson todl. “I want her to be happy. I’m always a fan of his. I love him; he’s got great music.”

Simpson wasn’t such a fan of Lachey when Jessica married the former boy-bander in 2002. “Everybody thought, including my father, that my marriage to Nick would kill my career,” Jessica told in 2004, a year before she and Lachey separated.

But Joe Simpson says Mayer is a different story. “I think the beautiful thing is that [he and Jessica] don’t do the same thing,” he told. “He’s a legend already. There is no competition. He’s a guitarist; that’s his thing. Jessica is a singer. She doesn’t play guitar, so there’s no competition.”


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