Paris Hilton Hits an Elderly Lady With a Cart

Paris Hilton has proved she is more pathetic than we thought. This time Paris Hilton has attacked an elderly women with a shopping cart attack. She was asked to leave a Beverly Hills market after she ordered an elderly female shopper to stop blocking the aisle with her cart.

The elderly woman apparently didn’t hear her and didn’t budge. Paris furiously rammed her cart into her and shrieked, “That’s what you get for being rude and blocking the aisle!”. The poor old was so stunned that she yelled, “You’re the one who’s rude, slamming me with your cart!”

The manager came running, recognized the elderly as a regular, and firmly told Paris to shop elsewhere if she couldn’t act polite and respectful. Paris abandoned her cart with her groceries and stormed out.



3 responses to “Paris Hilton Hits an Elderly Lady With a Cart”

  1. d mumsie says:

    They have some awful nasty cleaning supplies in the store. Paris better be glad frightened Grannie didn’t defend with a bottle of something corrosive and toxic, with irritating volatile organic chemicals. DARN!

  2. Anonymous says:

    That Vapid Bitch needs to be handed her Ass. Her Crotch was probably itching and she was trying to get to the Itchy Cream Aisle Stat. That ladies grand kids should go over Paris’ house and Fuck her up!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I’m glad the manager told her to leave. Has no one ever taught her how to act in public? She should be embarrassed and ashamed.