Paris Hilton’s Family to Stage an Intervention

Paris Hilton’s worried family is rumored to be planning an intervention to save the heiress from drugs, booze and bulimia.

Sources say her parents, Kathie and Rick Hilton, are worried by the extent of their daughter’s problems after explicit details of her alleged decadence were revealed in her own diaries and tapes. They were discovered in a storage vault, auctioned off and put on the Internet after Paris failed to pay storage fees. The items have now been removed from the net and a lawsuit seeks to permanently stop their display. The videos, made by Paris herself, reportedly show her in sex and substance-abuse acts and the diaries (allegedly in her own hand) reveal she’s battled bulimia and used drugs. Insiders say these revelations shocked her family.

They’re awaiting the appropriate moment to confront Paris, 25, and offer help getting her into treatment. “They want to help Paris before it’s too late. They fear she’ll become another victim of life in Hollywood’s fast lane,” says a family source.

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One response to “Paris Hilton’s Family to Stage an Intervention”

  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s no one in her family with a brain cell large enough to stage an intervention. Plus, they all believe they’re beyond the common folk. I say they are beyond us, no … beneath us.