Shilol Still Missing! Bring Her Out of Hiding!

Remember a couple of months backs a story surfaced where Angelina said she could never feel the same about Shilol? Unfortunately, I am starting to believe it. Angelina is rarely seen with Shilol, but is constantly with her other children. Brad is the one usually spotted with Shilol too! I really hope Angelina doesn’t feel this way, but it just doesn’t make sense she is never seen with her.

3 responses to “Shilol Still Missing! Bring Her Out of Hiding!”

  1. so wrong says:

    Shiloh as been out with her family as recently as last Sunday, and Angelina was holding her in most of the boat pixs and in the pixs at the museum in Chicago. Most pixs of Shiloh Angelina is holding her. All you have to do is look. Brad is usually holding Zee or Pax. Reread that interview, Angelina did not say she loved the other kids more than Shiloh, she said she had more empathy and I agree because they are children of color and people like you make a difference in the children. How disgusting!

  2. Brad's Shiloh's dad says:

    Shiloh has TWO parents, Brad is Shiloh’s dad. Maybe he wants to protect his 14 month old daughter from the crazy paps for as long as possible. Have you thought about that? Your thread is as if Angelina is Shiloh’s only parent and makes all the decisions. Seems to me that Brad makes most of the decisions in this family.

  3. Paige says:

    I agree w/ first commenter – I don’t think Angelina meant that she loves the other children more than Shiloh. She even said that she wants MORE biological children! I also think that it is only because Shiloh is the youngest – she is still only just a tiny baby that they can’t bring her out as much as they can with the older children. They are just protecting her.