Simon Cowell Will Quit if Sanjay Malakar Wins American Idol

Simon Cowell has basically elimanated any confidence Sanjay Malakar, a contestant on American Idol still had. Simon Cowell has said he will quit American Idol if Sanjay wins. Cowell says, “He’s not going to win. I won’t be back if he does!”

He also admitted he was stunned when contestant Sanjaya beat Sundance Head for a place in the final 12 on Thursday night. source

Simon is being a little brutal. I don’t particularly care for American Idol because it’s the most boring show on TV, but I do watch it sometimes because nothing else is on. The poor kid is not that bad! Yes, he doesn’t compare to the others, but he is still young and hasn’t had time to perfect his voice. He will be a good singer in a couple of years. They have had a lot worse on the show that couldn’t sing period!



13 responses to “Simon Cowell Will Quit if Sanjay Malakar Wins American Idol”

  1. videodoll says:

    i agree. Sanjay needs to go. i am shocked he has made it this far.

  2. WOWitsMAL says:

    uhm, i love sanjaya im glad hes here. yeah uhm sanjayas awesome ! be jealous.

    -mallory the marvelous

  3. Cheryl says:

    I don’t know…the prospect of Simon leaving if Sanjay wins just makes me want to vote for Sanjay. He doesn’t begin to measure up to the competition, but if it means never seeing Simon Cowell’s face again, I hope he takes it all!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Look Simon introduced the ideal of American Idol. He is who he is, and if people have the audacity to get up there, even though they have NO talent, then they deserve to hear the truth. I get tired of all those no talent people winning. The truth of the matter is, they need to go back to letting the judges give the final decision as to who should win. America is making a mockery of the show. I heard that there is a conspiracy to vote for San jaya even though he CAN’T sing. And that is exactly what is happening. I’m changing the channel because people have gotten stupid. We saw it when they said George Bush won the election.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe Sanjaya is STILL there. What is wrong with people voting for him. He has not shown that he can sing. Granted the other contestants have not had a perfect performance each time, they have had one night that they shined…where as Sanjaya has not had one night. He needs to go home!

  6. Anonymous says:

    thank you! some people agree!!! Sanjaya needs to go!! i’m sorry if he wins i refuse to watch it anymore! i agree with simon!

  7. Anonymous says:

    The sad thing is, Sanjay is taking the spot of better singers. Good singers are sent home because others are voting for Sanjay. Yes, he is a cult little kid with a huge smile, but he even said himself that other Idols are better than him.
    Just get him off the show! I don’t think Simopn would quit. He makes millions doing Idol.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I agree that he is a shitty singer & most of the people voted off deserved to have his place. HOWEVER –> The people vote & no matter what the reason may be.. whether it is a joke or because he is appealing to young girls.. the people are voting.. ITS NOT HIS FAULT that hes in the top 8.. he deserves a break.. its not him that needs a reality check its AMERICA. Obviously noone takes the show that seriously.. & fuk if sumone told me i couldnt do somethin u want to prove them wrong.. & he is.. he thinks he can be the next idol.. and hes pretty damn close.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Simon, after all I think that I would quit too if Sanjaya is voted the next American Idol. So far I have seen some very good idol contestants go home, like Sundance, or even better Gina Glocksen. This year is a joke so far. Sajaya needs to go this week. Talent is growing thin, and someone with real talent will lose a great chance. All because american teenibopper’s have a cell phones.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Many say Sanjaya can’t sing.. I think he can or he wouldnt have made it till the finals. Is he better than the ones in the competition ? Maybe not. He doesn’t sound bad and hes got a sweet voice which given time can grow to one all can love. The kid’s only seventeen for crying out loud and with all the media pressure hes doing great and is determined to win this.

    I hear theres some talk of this conspiracy in making him win.. In the time allocated to make the votes think thats going to exist ? Its just bunch of racist bullcrap is what I think in the end. Sanjaya can sing and i think we should all vote fairly to who sings the best. If he is not he will get voted out sooner if not later.. So why even worry ?

  11. Anonymous says:

    SANJAYA IS PERFECT….he may not have a gr8 range, but how many of u critics there will know how difficult it is to make your voice sound that smooth in such a range…with a good range you can do a celine dion song, but you will need a LOTTA practice to do the kinda songs he does….so the bottom line is…A PERSON DOESN”T HAVE TO YELL AND SHRIEK AT THE TOP OF THEIR VOICE AND HIT THE HIGHEST NOTE TO BE A GOOD SINGER….if simon has a problem, he can go home…he shoud choose between his big ego and his big bucks!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I dont watch this show and I dont care who wins. I just wanted to point out that you need to get his name correct.

    In the story headline you write his name as “Sanjay” and in the story you write his name as “Sanjaya”. Which one is it?

  13. Anonymous says:

    I dont watch TV i dont care who wins. I just wanted to point out that you need to get his name correct.

    In the story headline you write his name as “Sanjay” and in the story you write his name as “Sanjaya”. Which one is it?