Star Jones Finally Tells the Truth About Her Weight Loss!

?Star Jones Reynolds says she will address speculation about her dramatic weight loss in a story for Glamour magazine.? “I wrote an article because I really wanted to go as in-depth as possible about the way I’ve changed physically over the last 10 years on the air,” Reynolds, 45, said recently while promoting her new Court TV (soon to be truTV) talk show. “And I thought that that would be the most effective way to answer everybody’s questions.”

Her article, “Getting Over Myself,” will be featured in the September issue, on newsstands Aug. 7, a representative for Glamour said Monday.? Reynolds, who has said she had medical intervention for her weight, said she has no qualms about viewing photos of when she was very heavy.?? “I actually like seeing the old pictures because what it says to me is, `You never allow yourself to get there again,”‘ she told reporters, according to AP Radio News. “It was dangerous to me. Very dangerous. I was killing myself.”? Source

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