The Winner of Survivor and My Little Rant


Todd! Woohoo! The best player!


Now to my rant….

Denise pissesd me off. She went on about how horrible her life was and that she would have to go back to a $7 hour job. She was playing the sympathy card to the max and it made me sick. How about the other people on the show. Just because the other Survivors didn’t talk about their financial situations does not mean they have any more than her. Not everyone feels comfortable talking about how POOR they are! I’m sure the first guy that lives on a small farm isn’t racking in the big bucks… Or what about the students that could have debts from College!

I also found it hypocritical of the show to give her $50 000. They have the gull to tell me to go on ebay and buy some shitty props to raise money for charity when they just donated $50 000 to a women that is perfectly healthy. They could have gave that money to the charity! I’m sure people dying need the money more than a women who has a shitty job because of herself!

I would be pissed if I were a contestant. It’s not like she is getting zero out of this! Like I said before, I’m sure at least one other person needs the money as much as her. Or a past contestant….. what about them!

2 responses to “The Winner of Survivor and My Little Rant”

  1. videodoll says:

    aww. I can’t believe Todd won. I am just happy it was not courtney. I can’t stand that bitch. I know what you mean about donating money to Denise. I have nothing against her but it seems like her has a pretty rich life. she is healthy, in a good relationship, has a healthy family. Plently of people would love to have that with or without money. I understand her struggling though, the US government helps the rich & pushes the poor down. It is hard to get ahead so I think it’s nice that they gave her a little something. 50k doesn’t go to far. she will probabl yuse it to send a kid to college (part of tuition). Then the kid will get out and land a desk job shuffling papers making 30k a year.

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