USHER getting married this weekend!

Usher, 28, will marry his fianc?e, Tameka Foster, 38, at the Hamptons’ home of LA Reid this weekend. A source close to the couple told OK! that the wedding, which we hear has been planned by either Mindy Weiss or Colin Cowie, is ?sooner rather than later because they wanted to get married before Tameka has the baby.? The couple announced last month that they would be having a child together. This is the first wedding for Usher and the second for Tameka, who?s already the mother to three kids. For the sake of keeping it quiet guests were notified about the wedding with a phone call rather than a proper wedding invitation in the mail. Although the guest list is said to include famous friends such as Beyonc? and Jay-Z, people who have known Usher the longest ? including his assistant of six years and his mother ? both of whom Usher recently fired, allegedly at the request of his fianc?e, may not be in attendance.


3 responses to “USHER getting married this weekend!”

  1. vitriol says:


  2. pamhdb says:

    Damn, what’s up with Usher and this ugly lady? I thought this was just a publicity stunt but it turns out they’re serious.

  3. DOOOMER says:

    ewwwww.. im disgusted tameka foster iz hideous he should have stuck with the homegurl chilly… hez loosing his soul what is up with not inviting his mother… if you ask me… thjis marrige is doom to the fact his mother ( wise because shez his mother ) isnt invited…. WAKE UP USHER…