Boycott Chinese Olympics – Policy of Appeasement Has Never Worked and Never Will

It would be a “cop-out” for countries to skip the opening ceremonies at the Beijing Olympics as a way of protesting China’s crackdown in Tibet, President Bush’s national security adviser said Sunday. The kind of “quiet diplomacy” that the U.S. is practicing is a better way to send a message to China’s leaders rather than “frontal confrontation,” Stephen Hadley said. President Bush has given no indication he will skip the event. “I don’t view the Olympics as a political event,” Bush said this past week. “I view it as a sporting event.” The White House has not yet said whether he will attend the opening ceremony on August 8.

Tell me, does quiet diplomacy mean that we stand by and allow China to practice genocide in Tibet?  Have the morons who run the country forgotten about how quiet diplomacy was used so effectively against Hitler and Germany?  Imagine – Bush – the head moron, says he doesn’t view the olympics as a political event.  How did we ever choose such an idiot for President? Grow a brain. An event where all athletes only represent their countries and national flags are constantly flown and all uniforms signify national affiliation IS POLITICAL.  This reminds me of the ‘quiet diplomacy’ used by the USA and the West once they learned that Hitler and the Nazis had begun exterminating Jews in concentration camps.  The diplomacy was so quiet that nobody heard it and 6,000,000 Jews were brutally and sadistically murdered.

Well at least we are not going to say that its okay to play with China – China is a monster state that views individual rights and freedoms and individual worth as non-existent.  While we still have the strength we should be doing everything we can to force China to become a modern democracy where property rights and law are inviolable – where human beings can not be cynically used as worthless pawns by the all-powerful state.  China is as much a threat to our happy future – a future that must be based on human rights, rule of law, and democracy as is the most extreme Islamic Fundamentalists. Bush wouldn’t attend a games sponsored by Osama Bin Laden, would he?