Did Lindsay & Sam Have A Lovers Tiff?

Lindsay Lohan was left sitting alone in her limousine after an apparent lover’s tiff with girlfriend Sam Ronson.   Maybe the girls had a tiff because of  the surprise appearance of Lindsay’s former lover Calum Best.   Calum showed up in London club Boujis, bumping into Lindsay for the second time since she arrived in the UK a week ago.  His appearance may not have gone down well as Sam is said to get jealous of Lindsay’s former male lovers. Sam is afraid Lindsay is missing a man!  Lindsay went to the couple’s limousine at 3.45am, but was left waiting for Sam for ten minutes.  When they arrived back at their hotel onlookers said Sam stormed out of their Maybach limousine and went inside, leaving Lindsay sitting alone.

2 responses to “Did Lindsay & Sam Have A Lovers Tiff?”

  1. Rohan Fan says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m glad that my partner and I’s “tiffs” don’t get publicized for the world to see. Hopefully they’ll have a bight, new day ahead of them today!

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