Did Miley Cyrus Steal Someone’s Song?

Miley Ray Cyrus is being accused of stealing a song from Los Angeles based band Lustra. They claim that Miley Ray’s hit ‘Rock Star’ is a copy of their 2004 tune, ‘Scotty Doesn’t Know’ from the movie Eurotrip.

Lustra claims they learned about the song when fans alerted them. The tune is virtually the same, just with different lyrics. Lustra guitarist Nick Cloutman said: ‘Although we are very flattered that Ms. Cyrus took this route, we would have preferred some credit..’ The band is considering various options to rectify this situation. The spokesman stated: ‘The immediate solution is to minimize leaks, and keep all future recordings in a vault, under extreme security.’ Source

You be the judge, what do you think?

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  • Mark

    Atleast when a rapper steal beat, tone, and guitar riffs they give credit where credit is due. With Disney spending as much as they do on Hannah Montana Merch. you’d think that they would pay the song writers enough to write something original. Disney can’t claim that this is an obsecure reference. The movie was Hit The soundtrack sold over 100,000 copies.I have a Scotty Doesn’t know ringtone.

  • Katirna

    i can hear the similarities but it’s just the same music and not the lyrics so why sue?

  • Katirna

    oh yeah and im a miley fan and i go to alot of her concerts but imnot tone deaf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!D:

  • Sam

    While I do agree there are a few parts that sound similar the song is not a carbon copy like a lot of people are saying. Big deal if they sound the same in some spots how would they have know that unless they listen to every song ever made. For some reson I don’t think people at disney, or Miley, would have even seen the movie Eurotrip. How wuld she know? There are way worse things in this world then music sounding similar and those pictures that everyone is going nuts about. If everyone put this much thought into things like global warming and other issues we could actually make a difference.

  • Jenna

    Well its soo obvious Miley stole the song. What will she do next? Pose for playboy. I mean seriously Disney needs to let her go or they are going to lose everything. What the heck, they might as well get rid of Hannah Montana. Every song is probably stolen thats why every Disney Mania CD is an old song, Disney is not creative at all. Selena Gomez might as well have her own show other than Wizards of Waverly Place. well i love the song Scotty Doesn’t Know, its my favorite song. Just let Miley Cyrus screw up her life, oh well.

  • Lauren

    I think Miley Cyrus is creepy and annoying, but I am just not hearing it…

  • Orion Cameron

    this song rocks zo much cuz itz zo cool

  • Sterling Koch

    I Love Miley

  • Msarie