Finally Jessica Simpson Finally Gets A Clue!

Jessica Simpson has no plans to return to acting. Jessica who starred as Daisy Duke in movie "The Dukes of Hazzard" and has since appeared in films including "Blonde Ambition" and "Employee of the Month" – admits she has lost her appetite for the industry following the lack of interest in her latest movie ventures.   Lets see Jessica perhaps people lost interest because you cannot act!  So many celebs do this, just because they are popular as a singer they automatically think they will be a good actor or actress.  Wrong, Wrong!

She said: "I’m not closing that chapter of my life by any means. But I am all about the music right now. When it comes to acting, it’s got to feel right for me at this point in my life."   "It’s got to just be a really incredible director and production with an awesome studio and great cast. But for me right now Jessica Simpson is music."  

One response to “Finally Jessica Simpson Finally Gets A Clue!”

  1. Teri says:

    Jessica is alot of things but actress is not one of them. Tony Romos girlfriend is not one of them either.