Just When We Thought She Could Not Look Like A Bigger Idiot!

Brooke blogs again……….

08/13/08 3:28AM
I hate blogs but I love mine. Cause I can be F-in REAL with people!!!! I wanna make a difference in a good way even if that means speaking my mind. people might take offense to it but whatev. First of all lets address my ‘voting" comment- first of all opinions are like (you know whats)-everyone has one. I decided to make a very blunt comment. Notice how i said "I know IIIIII couldn’t do it cause I’d be pms-ing and freaking out all the time" ….Honestly I’d LOVE to meet a woman with NO emotional problems….but thats not the point…but its true. LOL Second- Only 54 percent of eligible american voters cast their ballots!!!!!! Half of them are only voting cause its "cool " to vote for so and so…they aren’t even up to date on information. I’M personally not up to date on the facts, so I don’t wanna make a stupid choice for our country. I WANT to vote but only when I know exactly whats going on. More ppl should think like that. Paris Hilton said "yaaaay go vote cause its cool and hott!!!!" …SHE WASN’T EVEN REGISTERED. seriously. ———Second of all. Thank you to the people who support me in my comments against the press. they really are stupid and report false news for the mean green. I feel bad for YOU guys. They are teaching our young generation how to be catty , obtain false ways of thinking and wrong ways of treating people…not to mention giving them horrible self image to look up to and horrible life choices that they are being taught to make led by an example from IDIOTS. Every young girl and boy should grow up with their OWN mind, OWN opinion and OWN life. To teach these kids to live vicariously through other people is ridiculous. And then there are all the people who think they have to be cool and disagree with me and tell me how stupid i am. Whatev. I’ll pray for them. I bet they have more disfunction in their life than I do….and probably gossip their butts off or are the total jealous type that have to be all self righteous. I’m not angry, I’m just trying to make a difference and give you guys a refreshing change. A young woman who is a LEADER. NOT a follower. Here are the things I believe in so you know what I’m about:

Love. Love all the time, without acting scorned, angry and don’t carry baggage. always give it a fresh chance.

Trust- Not the guy waiting for you in the parking lot with a burgular mask on, But Trust in most cases. If you get hurt- its their problem they lost you.

Never stick with a cheater. Don’t cheat.

Work Work Work. If youre depressed- work even more. Its your best friend and can never hurt you. Only make you stronger.

Never gossip, never feel negatively toward ANYONE. you’re the only one carrying THAT feeling around. not them. Plus Karma sucks.

Speak. Whatever you think, whatever you feel. I didn’t do that for a while and now look whats happening LOL BOOM!

Be honest.

Live. Live like its your last day on earth- as corny as it sounds. LIVE. Don’t hold grudges, don’t ever go to bed without saying I love you to the people that matter most to you. Visit the old lady down the street, Call your friend you haven’t talked to, Shake hands with your ex’s ex. Pray for your enemy AND your army of angels. Then thank God for what you have and what you don’t have…it’ll come, trust me.


Turn OFF the TV!!!! (only when her show is on)


……then do a bad ass workout.

Love you guys!