Katy Perry Has A Nip Slip And A Panty Show!

Katy Perry  while performing her new single Hot ‘n’ Cold at a charity concert gave the flashed the audience an almost nipslip and a party view.  Good thing for Katy she caught the top just in time or should would have lost the top of the dress.  Moral of the story katy: "Wear a dress, less short, less tight and less cleavage baring"

3 responses to “Katy Perry Has A Nip Slip And A Panty Show!”

  1. Drip McRuns says:

    What’s with all the fashion advice for Katy? Less, this, less that, no way! Next time Katy can wear whatever the hell she wants, just as long as she keeps giving us those wonderful peep shows. I love seeing as much of her as I can, she’s deliciously beautiful and she knows she’s got it going on!

  2. Diggy Zazz says:

    It looks like the boob is almost 50% areola. Hard to see the actual nip, though.

  3. Cee says:

    at lease she wore panties unlike some celebs.