Madonna To Become A Director

Apparently Madonna is planning to become a film director. She has decided to take on her estranged husband, British ‘RocknRolla’ director Guy Ritchie, in the film making stakes.

Her brother Christopher Ciccone said: "Apparently she wants to be directing and that’s what she’ll be doing. Two directors in the family is never going to work."  Madonna made her directing debut last month with ‘Filth and Wisdom’, a comedy about a Ukrainian gipsy.

Madonna recently revealed making ‘Filth and Wisdom’ was: "Essentially my way of putting myself through film school".  Christopher also says he never thought the marriage would last, and claims Guy’s attitude "got worse" towards the end. He added on British TV channel Five’s ‘Madonna and Guy: Where Did It All Go Wrong?’: "Guy was generally a miserable guy and he got worse. He became less and less happy as a person.

"I think because his career isn’t where he wants to be. Her career continues up and it’s not going down whereas his career had dropped off and he has made a series of not very good movies."  He also claims that Madonna’s nearly eight-year marriage was "an English thing she was going through," and that she will soon move back to New York permanently.   He continued: "In the end, she’s a New Yorker and London is not New York.  "The English countryside is beautiful but there’s not enough going on for her."

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