Official Divorce Announcement To Be Released Soon?

Apparently Madonna and Guy Ritchie are to divorce, friends claimed last night.   Everyone has been speculating about this for months now, finally a friend says the couple are to end their eight-year long marriage as they can no longer bear to keep up the "pretence" any longer. 

The friend also said: "They have both been fighting and the marriage has been on the rocks for weeks.
"Guy has been the one who has come to the conclusion that enough is enough. "They had planned to make it work in the New Year after the end of Madonna’s world tour but it quickly became clear that the relationship was not worth saving. "Guy has been saying that they both have separate lives at the moment. Madonna spends too much time in the gym and she is obsessed with trying to look years younger than her real age. The source added: "Guy feels that Madonna does not focus on him any more. "

I feel sorry for Guy it cannot be easy living with this vain women.  She is clearly so obsessed to stay young it is not a surpise she has no time for him.  Source: Daily Mail

One response to “Official Divorce Announcement To Be Released Soon?”

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