P.E.T.A. Ad Campaign Shoot For “Elephants Should Be Free”

Our dear friend Patrick Ribbsaeter and his foundation organized this photoshoot for PETA.  "RIBBSAETER FOUNDATION" is a non-profit Charitable organization created by PATRICK RIBBSAETER 2008. http://www.ribbsaeter.com  .

The goal of the foundation is to raise awareness in the world of animal plight, poverty and help other charitable organizations with the same determination and vision of making this world a better place,
starting of with the badly treated Elephants on the streets of Bangkok(Thailand) .

For any enquiries about Ribbsaeter Foundation
please feel free to email us at

Patrick Ribbsaeter (Director)
Email: patrick@ribbsaeter.com

One response to “P.E.T.A. Ad Campaign Shoot For “Elephants Should Be Free””

  1. Oliver says:

    nice intentions but the word “Foundation” require very strict juridical status, display clear and transparent accounting to see where the money goes. It’s not just a organizing a party and giving money. Depends of the country but being a foundation require a lot of money or being a NGO for more than 4 years!

    doesn’t look professional at all guys!