Sacha Baron Cohen’s Wedding Halt

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher have postponed their wedding.

The ‘Borat’ comedian and his ‘Wedding Crashers’ star fiancee have put their summer nuptials on hold because the 32-year-old actress has found it hard to convert to Sacha’s faith of Judaism.

A source close to the couple, who have an eight-month-old baby Olive, said: "Isla was supposed to spend her time after giving birth hard at work on her Torah studies, and that’s gone far slower than expected.   "It’s very much frustrated her future in-laws, especially Sacha’s parents, who were really hoping for a wedding this summer.

"Right now there’s no wedding date set because Isla hasn’t fully converted yet, and even though she’s working at it part-time, she’s far from being close to complete with her studies."

Isla is also said to be finding it difficult to bond with Sacha’s Jewish mother Daniella, who reportedly thinks the actress returned to work too early following Olive’s birth.  The source added to website "What made relations difficult between Isla and Sacha’s mother is that she really wanted Isla to spend more time with the baby and their family in England instead of being hasty and returning to work so quickly."

However, Sacha is acting as peacemaker between Isla and his mother, and is determined not to let the frostiness ruin his relationship with the Australian-born actress.

The source said: "Sacha is not as worried about the relationship between his parents and Isla as everyone else is because he’s extremely devoted to her and their child.

"He also believes that putting too much pressure on Isla is only going to make the wedding happen later rather than sooner. He is happy taking his time to get married the same way he was happy having a long engagement."