Sex And The City – The TV Show That Changed Our Lives Forever!

Kristin Davis who played Charlotte York on Sex an The City, an innocent and extremely intelligent art dealer who constantly struggled with her inhibitions as she confronted New York’s single scene. Kristin is on theCover of Shape.

My favorite Television show Sex and the City hits the big screen this month with a Sex and the City movie.  This movie is the most hotly anticipated chick flick since Bridget Jones.  A final fabulous instalment of the story that puts the fun back into feminism and empowered single women everywhere!  I actually hope this is the first of several movies they do!
In its new issue, on shelves May 7th Shape Magazine (UK edition) looks at how the TV show changed the lives of the women who watched it – influencing our friendships, our attitudes to sex, and crucially, our wardrobes. Shape has compiled a definitive list of :

The top 10 things that Sex and the City gave to us, are:
Gay Best Friends… Stanford Blatch really was the fifth member of the girls’ gang and women wanted a GBF just like him;
New York… The show gave us all an insiders’ guide to New York from finding fake Fendi on Canal Street to getting a key for Bungalow 8;
Brunches… What used to be a post-Saturday night fry-up to get rid of a hangover, instantly became more sophisticated once we started calling it brunch;
Mr Big… He was commitment phobic, toxic modeliser but with one arch of his eyebrow, he made women’s hearts go pitter patter;
Cosmos… Vodka, Triple sec, cranberry juice and freshly squeezed lime replaced Chardonnay as our drink of choice;
He’s Just Not That Into You… This simple dating tenet cut through our prevarication and excuses about why he never called;
Squirting Washing Up Liquid Over the Leftovers… A bullet-proof dieting tip courtesy of Miranda;
Corsages… All of a sudden, women didn’t feel properly accessorised without a large flower pinned to our lapel;
The Rabbit… how something so small and apparently so innocent can make so many women so happy;
Manolo Blahniks… Before Sex and the City, women didn’t even know how to pronounce them.  Afterwards, they spent all of their time on eBay trying to buy a pair.