SJP’s Matthew Broderick Is Not “Mr. Big”

Star is exclusively reporting that the Producer’s star is having an affair with a redhead half his age. An insider claims that Broderick met the gorgeous redhead at a bar and soon after began text messaging the 25 year-old youth counselor.

It seems that Mr. SJP got steamy quickly with the mystery woman, who nicknamed Broderick, “Matty Cakes”, and started meeting her at the NYC townhouse of an industry friend.

While SJP was off in L.A. filming the highly anticipated Sex and the City Movie, her alleged unfaithful hubby was making multiple late night visits to the other woman’s apartment, according to an eyewitness.

During one tryst, Broderick and the mystery woman came back to the friend’s apartment after a night of heavy drinking and proceeded to the bedroom. The source claims that she dragged Matthew into the bedroom and shut the door.

“A half hour later, Matthew opened the bedroom door, mumbled ‘Well… ‘bye!’ and walked out. The friend found her passed out on the bed in her panties.”  I am really hoping this is not true.  I like SJP and I think her and Matthew seem great together.  Lets hope it is just a rumour! However, you know what they say "Where there is Smoke, there is usually Fire!"

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