Susan Lucci To Do A Double Header!

The powers-to-be at the ABC soap "All My Children" have made plans for their star actress Susan Lucci to spend plenty of time on "Dancing with the Stars" during the dancing reality show’s upcoming season. In fact, the "All My Children" people have made long-term plans just in case she wins the show.

You never know what will happen when America starts voting, and Lucci is wildly popular, so she may get near that mirror-ball trophy. Plus, she has more than just fan support going for her. According to "AMC" head writer Chuck Pratt, and we found this amusing, he believes Lucci is tiny and light which will makes it easy to throw her around and do impossible things.   We aren’t sure what kind of impossible things Lucci will do, (but we assume they will all be done in sequins) but we do know she will follow the impossibly hard schedule of filming "All My Children" at the same time as she stars on "Dancing with the Stars."

That means Susan will fly back and forth from one side of the country to the other each week, just as her soap co-star and former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Cameron Mathison did.  So all her fans will not have to worry we will not lose Erica.

Apparently Susa, who plays the formidably Erica Kane, has a big story line coming up where a character from Erica’s past returns to change her life. Source

  • susanrocks

    I’m sooo looking forward to seeing Susan on DWTS!!! Can’t wait!