Amy Adams: I’m a Horrible Fiancée

Amy Adams reveals some truth about her love life, she has been lucky to save her relation by now…She says "I’ve been really busy, and I feel like a horrible fiancée that I haven’t gotten swept up in the whole idea of a wedding," Adams, 34, tells Allure in its August issue. "But I just haven’t."

Luckily for the star, her fiancé, actor Darren Le Gallo, isn’t pressuring her to rush down the aisle.

"He wants to be married," Adams says. "I think he was patient for the first nine months, but that we have been engaged for a year, he’s sort of, you know, ‘This is going to happen, right?’ He understands I’m busy but he’s ready. He’s much more ready for kids and stuff than I am."

One reason Adams has been so busy: She had to learn how to cook a lot for her role in her latest film, Julie & Julia, which costars Meryl Streep as famed chef Julia Child. Adams learned how to poach an egg – "a talent that comes in handy," she says – and tackled more complicated kitchen tasks like trussing chickens, boning ducks and making bruschetta.

Cooking aside, Adams says she identifies with her character in the film, Julie Powell, a real-life, 30-something author who wrote a memoir about trying to cook all of the recipes in Child’s landmark cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. "Thirty was a big deal for me," Adams says. "It was the age where I reevaluated everything – how I approached life and how I thought about myself."

"When I look at my 20s, or when I look at any period in my life, I think about how much time I’ve wasted trying to find the right man," she says. "But the truth is, once you have a great man in your life, it allows you – or at least for me – to look at yourself and grow as an individual. And gosh, if I had known I was going to find this, my 20s would have been completely different." 

Amy you might grow individually, but if your same busy schedule continue for long, trust your relationship might be on rocks.