Another member into Obama family arrives…!!

Bo Obama has officially moved into the White House.

"He’s got star quality," President Barack Obama said Tuesday after walking the Portuguese water dog around the White House lawn. "That’s a good looking dog, let’s face it."

"I love him," Malia, 10, told reporters. "He’s perfect."

Obama says the entire family will "take turns walking the dog." Including him? "Of course!"

One place the president won’t hang with Bo: his bed.

"We set that rule down a long time ago," he said.

The puppy has already learned tricks, his trainer Dawn Sylvia says in the newest issue of Us Weekly, on stands tomorrow.

"He sits very well, he does down very well. He shakes, he rolls over," says the trainer, who has been working with him since March. "He knows his off command, which means don’t touch. He understands wait."

Bo is a "typical puppy," Sylvia continues. "He wants to play and he has his crazy moments like puppies do. But incredibly enough, I have owned and worked with a lot of dogs, and he is incredibly bright and sensitive and he thinks about things and he has an excellent memory."

Amigo Portuguese Water Dogs owner Art Stern, who bred the Obama dog, tells Us: "He’s active, he’s smart, he’s laid-back and adaptable and should be a very good dog in the environment we envision goes on at the White House: very active, very busy, lots of people coming and going, lots of things happening."