Bigfoot Spotted in Kentucky!

Kenny and Margaret Mahoney’s picture of Big Foot, shot in their back garden in Kentucky, USA on September 1, 2009. Lurking in the undergrowth could this grainy image finally prove the existence of big-foot? And in a bizarre twist could the fabled creature be a vegetarian?  Kenny and Margaret Mahoney set up a motion camera in their back garden in Fairdale, Kentucky after their home-grown vegetables began to mysteriously disappear earlier this month. 

Convinced the cheeky culprit was a racoon, they were taken aback when the footage revealed a shadowy Sasquatch type creature at the bottom of their land. Capturing the imagination of big-foot enthusiasts, the family even received a visit from a team from the History Channel who visited the land to film a segment for their show, Monster Quest. With no definitive answer on what the creature might be, it appears the big foot mystery continues.

Photos: Fame Pictures

3 responses to “Bigfoot Spotted in Kentucky!”

  1. captain america says:

    why is all of these sorts of childish crap only happening in the united states?


  2. Danny says:

    I’m an American, furthermore, a Kentuckian and Bigfoot buff. HOWEVER, the only thing I believe is that THIS is a BIRD. Optical illusion makes this thing look likes it sitting in the brush but it’s much closer to the MOTION SENSITIVE camera. THAT is why there is only ONE photo! If this is a big creature in front of a MOTION SENSITIVE camera there’d be like 90 shots of it. BIRD. BIRD. BIRD!

  3. Aaron says:

    That’s a decent point Danny, but you can see the green leaves and flowers sticking out in front of the thing, so that would make it seem like it’s not a bird close to the camera. I’m not saying it’s big foot, but your bird idea seems false.