Chris Brown Talks Candidly To Fans In MTV News Interview

Nothing is off limits as Chris Brown talks to MTV News to give viewers the most revealing and candid interview yet, as “Chris Brown: The Interview” premieres on Friday, November 6th at 6pm ET/PT on MTV.  In this 30-minute special, the R&B artist finally answers questions people have been asking and opens up about the aftermath of his assault on his former girlfriend Rihanna in Los Angeles last February. Sitting down in a Virginia recording studio with MTV News’ Sway, Chris speaks openly about his widely criticized Larry King interview, the public’s perception of him and how he has poured his emotions into his new album.

Going from an up-and-coming music star to hearing comments like “woman beater,” Chris discusses the struggle to adapt to the public’s new perception of him and how fans might react at his concerts.  He goes into detail about his on-going anger management therapy, court-mandated weekly group sessions and his community labor sentence, all of which have helped him evaluate his past behavior and express his feelings in his new songs. Chris also talks about celebrities who have reach out to him including Will Smith, Diddy, Busta Rhymes and David Banner.

Below are two clips from the interview:

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