Is The Marriage Of Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner In Trouble?

For several months, Ben Affleck and Jen Garner have appeared to be been suffering unbearable tension and effect of this tension may have potential dire consequences for their two beautiful children. Since early April, Ben Affleck has been involved in films shooting in his hometown in Boston, MA, though his family resides most often in LA.

While he seems happy and carefree when he is without his wife and surrounded by his handpicked female co-stars, images of Affleck with Garner and their children Violet and Seraphina seem the polar opposite of exemplary family bliss. Sad, angry or despondent facial expressions and a complete lack of affection of any kind between the couple have told the tale of a marriage wrapped in turmoil and the innocent children involved are subject to suffer the most.

This week in the U.S., the media blasted Ben for his blatant public displays of flirtation with Brit beauty Rebecca Hall and 22-year-old buxom blonde Blake Lively. As pictures of Ben’s and Lively’s flirty interaction after their steamy love scene went public, Jen Garner packed up her kids and headed for Boston. Will Ben come to his senses and realize his responsibilities as a husband and father or will his wandering eye and histories of dating costars, put a sad end to his marriage and tear apart his growing family?  Let’s hope he comes to his senses soon!  Photo: Fame Pictures

  • captain america

    ……………..AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!!
    (there is a god, folks?)

  • Violets Auntie

    Really? Angry? Despondent? Read his interviews and you’ll find why they have those facial expressions in front of the papz.

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  • Linda

    He doesnt like his family photographed and is angry when they do. They have nothing to do with them being unhappy together — they are unhappy with the papz always in their faces.

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  • AnnaXt

    Sad to hear that ben & jen have split up. really thought they were goin to last. what’s more surprising is that ben hooked up with blake lively, who’s young enough to be his daughter. never thought he’d do that.