Jeremy Piven is Full of Soy – His Man Breasts are due to Taking Steroids

People will go to amazing lengths to avoid telling the truth when it come to certain things and yet can’t stop blabbing about other things that you’d figure they’d find embarrassing. Take Chaz Bono for example – she/he/it can’t stop talking about changing sexes and how much better her vagina turned penis works now then it used to when it was just a plain Jane.

Jeremey Piven on the other hand is trying to pretend that he drank too much soy milk and that caused his breasts to grow unnaturally large due to the estrogens in the milk!!! What a canard – what nonsense! Just admit it Piven, just come right out and say that you used steroids – its obvious by looking at your physique that you have been getting help from supplements for years.

Now the truth is that Piven is suffering from gynecomastia, a well know condition amongst male bodybuilders in which the excess testosterone or testosterone-like steroids taken break down to estrogen which in some unlucky men enlarges the mammary glands, or breasts, in a feminine sort of way. Anabolic-androgenic steroids like Sustonon, Dianabol, Testosterone, Durobolin, or Equipoise have a tendency to break down via the aromatize enzyme producing estrogens in unnaturally large quantities which cause the development of what are known unlovingly in bodybuilding circles as "Bitch Tits." The only two ways to avoid this outcome if one is prone to gynecomastia are to take special anti-estrogen medications like Clomid, Nandrolone, or Arimidex while one is on the "juice," or to have cosmetic surgery afterwards… . Maybe there is a spot for Piven on a future version of "Nip and Tuck!"   Photo: Fame Pictures

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