Looks Like They Are Going To Have To Put A Muzzle On Joe Biden’s Wife

So Jill Biden wife of Vice-President Joe Biden gets is on the Oprah show and more or less tells the world that Hillary got Joe’s sloppy seconds.  They are going to have to keep all the secrets from her she has loose lips ;-)  When Oprah asked about how Joe being the Vice President would affect their family, Jill told her that he’d actually had the choice between being VP or Secretary of State.  Just imagine how Hillary feels about this. Something tells me Jill & Hillary are not going to be friends.

Apparently the entire audience gasped and the VP-elect himself seemed taken aback by the slip-up.   He even went so far as to shhhhhh her.  Even Oprah was take aback by her statement, but Mrs. Biden didn’t seem to be bothered by it.  Mrs. Biden went on to explain that, had her husband taken the job as Secretary of State — which ultimately went to Hillary Clinton — he would have been away from the family, traveling the world all the time. Taking the VP position allowed the entire Biden family to become part of the process, she explained.  When the show took a break following the Biden’s exit, a shocked Oprah turned to the audience and kept repeating, "Oh… my… God!"   Take a look at the video below