VH1 Reality Star Multi-Millionaire Matt Riviera Discussing Potential TV Series

Matt Riviera, fresh off a summer and early fall in which he’s produced and starred in a movie and appeared on a successful VH1 Reality TV show, is proving to only be scratching the surface.

Riviera, a multi-millionaire whose net worth has been pegged at over $5 million, is in discussions currently with various Hollywood and TV producers about launching his own reality TV show or Network TV Show, among other projects. 

“Lots of coals on the fire right now,” Riviera told the media recently. “As soon as there’s something concrete to announce, I will.”

Riviera has been hotly sought after in 2009, mainly due to his exuberant personality, his natural love affair with the camera as demonstrated on VH1, and his big time success in professional wrestling.

“There’s just something about when the attention is focused on me,” Riviera has explained about his allure. “I ‘turn on,’ and the viewers—especially the female ones—seem to gravitate toward that.”

Riviera—and his spacious home—have been seen most recently on video on a unique version of “Cribs” that he created.   His website, is where fans can go to order copies of “Blood Forest: Legend of the Cave Tribe,” a movie that Riviera helped produce and stars in.

“I’ve been approached by a number of people recently—producers, agents, screenwriters—who want to talk about reality shows and other projects involving me,” Riviera said. “It’s an exciting time to be Matt Riviera!”

Riviera has parlayed his bourgeoning career into a successful, budding entity that observers say can be a major player in the entertainment industry very soon.  Riviera’s turn into the public consciousness was accelerated when he starred in “Megan Wants a Millionaire” this summer on VH1. The reality show featured a number of millionaires vying for the heart of Reality TV vixen Megan Hauserman.