Mystery Revealed: Break-up of Katie Price and Peter Andre’s marriage

Dressage rider Spencer Wilton, 36, was the chief target of the drunken former topless model at a Bristol nightclub at the weekend.

Katie Price was seen flirting with a Dressage rider Spencer Wilton, 36 in a series of shots taken in the Sycamore Bristol night club.

Looking @ these pictures Andre can’t resist himself, He should feel jealous – he is in a happy relationship with a male par

Check out what Mr. Wilton got to say: ‘We were just out having a perfectly innocent, fun night out.

‘It’s all been blown up into something it isn’t. I’m already in a happy relationship with a male partner.’

Mr. Wilton’s former partner Carl Hester added: ‘It’s just not a possibility that they’re having an affair. He has a new partner that he lives with – a man named Jay. ‘It’s out of the realms of possibility – Spencer’s gay.’

Katie looks like Dracula taking a slug of blood. Andre is a perfect gentleman, I feel its right thing what he has done by leaving her, relationship cant persist any more. I am only concerned about their kids.

Less than two weeks ago the couple publicly supported each other through the London Marathon. ‘Katie used training for the marathon as an excuse for refusing sex. She said she was constantly knackered and needed to conserve her energy,’ a friend tells The Sun this morning.

This combined with the broadcast of an ugly row between the husband and wife during filming of their reality TV show in which she appears to taunt him about money is thought to have been the final nail in the coffin for their three-and-a-half-year marriage.
A close friend of the singer said seeing the broadcast of the argument was a major factor in his decision to leave Miss Price as it left him feeling ‘humiliated’.

‘In fact this is the last thing either of them wanted to happen. They mean a great deal to each other still. ‘But he is a man who has pride and he felt humiliated by what she said. Everybody has their pride.’ ‘We are all keeping our fingers crossed that they will reconcile but for the time being the separation is very much real. ‘It is certainly not a publicity stunt. Peter is very, very upset about it.’

Miss Price, 30, was briefly seen leaving the house with their two children, Princess and Junior, and it is believed she has fled abroad.