Palin Shows Trailer Trash Propensities Again

It’s bad enough that Sarah Palin quit her job as Governor of Alaska to go running after greater fame and fortune writing and promoting her book and lecturing businessmen in Hong Kong and elsewhere but now she discusses her family business on TV – definitely trailer trash behavior.  She told Oprah that Levi Johnston had not seen his son Tripp for some time and that she was heartbroken over his behavior lately – you know posing for Playgirl and things like that.   Well I have some bad news for Sarah – her behavior following last November’s Presidential Election bears a close thematic similarity to Levi’s – she is out to maximize her personal gains from her fortuitous selection as McCain’s running mate.   You can’t turn on the TV or the internet – or open a newspaper or magazine without having Sarah and/or Levi smiling at you – Barf!

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