Randy Quaid Formerly Stole The Spotlight – Now He Just Steals!

I learned while in jail that If it looks like a thief and acts like a thief then its probably a thief. Likewise the Quaids, Randy and wife Evi – they didn’t forget to pay their $10,000 hotel bill at the exclusive San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara, California, last June – they figured they could skip out and get away with it because they are big shots. And that’s what rankles – the state has now spent many many thousands of dollars bringing these two morons ‘to justice.’

So Randy got to play his little adolescent game and law enforcement resources were grossly wasted to clean up his mess. He has paid the bill and will no doubt get nothing but a very light wrist slap for the multiple charges he faces that stem from this. Meanwhile, the tens of thousands of dollars wasted by the state could have been better spent elsewhere in places and on crimes that need solving – helping regular people not pursuing rich assholes who skip on a hotel bill ‘for fun.’ If I were the Judge I would fine these creeps $1,000,000 for this and let them each sit 6 months in jail.