Sarah Palin Stays Focused – Her Rogue Eye Directly On The Money!

While she promotes her new book "Going Rogue" the rest of us get to see what matters most to the former Republican Candidate for VP and sadly money seems to be it. Every family needs such a proud champion – Sarah Palin who only a few months back could rattle off the names of all the important political figures likely to emerge in a televised debate now prepares to play at being one of the girls on the TV Talk Show Circuit.  And where does this get rich quick former Governor of Alaska plan to be the day before the release of her book?  On Oprah of course!  Talk about a trophy interview for Oprah!

During the Presidential Campaign Oprah made it clear that she would not interview Palin because she was afraid it might reduce her Man Obama’s chances of winning.  If Sarah Palin had a drop of integrity she would refuse to give Oprah the satisfaction of appearing on her show now, after being snubbed when it counted. 

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