Shut Up Kirstie Alley – You Are Fat, Get Over It!

The always opinionated Hollywood heavyweight Kirstie Alley is complaining again.  Scientologist Freak Kistie Allie is slamming Conan O’Brien on Twitter –

@StarJonesEsq I’ll tell you ONE BITCH I’m gonna knck out next time I see her is CONAN O’BITCH O’BRIAN..that guy acts like I bit his dick off 

0h boo hoo! Who cares what she has to say about anything.   If it weren’t for her obvious weight problem she wouldn’t even have a career.   Another thing we can see – Scientology can’t even help people lose weight but they claim that anti-depressants are no good.

Earth to Kirstie if your reality show is about being fat and how you are going to finally lose weigh again – people will call you fat.  yoo hoo….