Sylvester Stallone shows off ripped physique and performs his own stunts to prove he’s still action man at 62

He may be 62, but Sylvester Stallone proved that he still has what it takes to cut it as a movie hero while shooting on location in Brazil.

The star’s stunt work was impressive but it was his extraordinary torso that really stunned onlookers.

Bringing back echoes of his macho roles in Rocky and Rambo, Sly displayed a ripped, toned physique that will put to shame – or inspire – men of all ages

Ripped: 62-year-old Sylvester Stallone reveals his extraordinary physique while shooting on location in Brazil

Entitled The Expendables, the new thriller also features British star Jason Statham, as well as appearances from fellow action stars Jet Li and Dolph Lundgren.

The film is an action-packed affair and Sly didn’t shy away from performing his
own stunts.

In one scene, Sly’s character runs along a pier brandishing a gun before diving dramatically off the end.

Run! The amazingly athletic 62-year-old continues his chase, sprinting along the pier towards the water


Fly! Stallone performs his own stunt, leaping off the pier over the water like a man one third of his age

Like his Rocky movies, the new film is also written and directed by Stallone himself.

The tough-guy actor, who has been married three times and first found fame after the 1976 boxing classic, Rocky, clearly still enjoys his work.


The day’s filming also saw the well-defined star waving to a crowd of fans and laughing with co-star Statham.

Things haven’t always been easy for Stallone.

Despite ten Oscar nominations for Rocky, much of his other work, while often successful, has failed to attract  the same critical respect.

In 2000, for instance, he was declared Worst Actor of the Century at the Razzies, the alternative awards ceremony that  ‘celebrates’ bad acting.

Two years ago, while visiting Australia to promote the Rocky Balboa movie, Sly was arrested for importing human growth hormone, a steroid used by sportsmen to promote muscle growth.

Sport has always been a major interest for the actor, who presented the boxing reality series, The Contender, and his dedication is clearly paying off.

Having revisited Rocky in his 2006 hit, Rocky Balboa and brought his ultra-violent Rambo character out of retirement just last year in the fourth instalment of the series, Sly seems determined to beat the ageing process.

And judging by his performance on set, he appears to be winning.