The 50 Most Powerful Woman List is BOGUS!

What a load of nonesense – the list of most powerful woman is festooned with CEOs of big corporations – these people don’t have real power – they bow to the will of the shareholders – they can’t decide to spend billions as they will let alone millions or they wind up like Conrad Black – in jail! What was notable in the list of 50 is that there was only one Black Woman, Ursula Burns the CEO of Xerox and first Black Female CEO in the Fortune 500, and there were 2 things worthy of note about her: 1) she wears her real hair – not some stupid weave; and 2) she didn’t vote for Obama calling him "a useless parasite and example of the worst outcomes of affirmative action."  Good On Ya Ursala.

But anyway – I claim that the most powerful woman are people like Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey and Paris Hilton – super star celebrities are much more powerful than corporate CEOs.  There choices in fashion, men, lifestyle affect millions whereas CEOs do little and affect nothing.  For example the number one most powerful according to the list, the CEO of Coca Cola, Indra Nooyi’s big influence was changing the bottle type for Gatorade and Tropicana LOL LOL LOL! You want power you must be in the public eye – Michelle Obama, now there is a powerful woman – Barack doesn’t tie his laces without getting Michelle’s permission.

  Source: Grow A Brain Idiot