The Only Thing Green About NBC’s 3 Year “Green” Campaign Is The $$MONEY$$

NBC is suppose to spread a pro-environmental message across five of its prime-time entertainment programs. "30 Rock," where Al Gore takes a cameo role, leads the way. Environmental themes were also added to the scripts of "The Biggest Loser," "The Office," "Heroes" and "Community." 

Who are they trying to fool?  Oh ya, it must be us, the viewers.   Imagine the stupidity of influencing programming in order to produce environmental propaganda!   Think of a cameo by Al Gore on ’30 Rock’ and then think hard about why you are watching such trash.  Al Gore who flies his huge private jet around the world burning more fossil fuel than it takes to run all those cars parked in a Disney World parking lot.  

Yes, love Mother Earth, give back to our planet, stop climate change, shrink you carbon footprint.   I say let’s go all the way – why not just encourage mass suicide like lemmings practice when their population gets too large. They simply line up and jump off the nearest precipice into the sea and swim for distant shores… until they drown of course. This does wonders to decrease the lemming population.   Perhaps NBC can try a new show like "Die For Your Planet," where eager greenies vie for the right to be buried alive and serve as compost in soil that has been depleted by agricultural over-use or compete for the right to be eaten alive by endangered Polar Bears or Bengal Tigers.  Now that is what we call giving!

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