Too Bad “John Travolta Is Still Part Of The Alien Sect”

There have been several reports the past couple of months that John Travolta has left Scientology.    John recently testified in the Bahamian extortion case that his late son, Jett, was autistic. Until his testimony, Travolta never publicly acknowledged Jett’s illness The reason he did not acknowledge it seems to be because of the fundamental belief on behalf of Scientologists that autism does not exist, it seems likely that Jett  wasn’t treated for autism.

Also it seems that the "top dogs" in Scientology are not happy that John acknowledged that Jett had autism.  Neverthless it seems that John is still firmly committed to Scientology and is even getting help from Scientology to cope with the loss of his son.  Photo: Flynet Pictures

One response to “Too Bad “John Travolta Is Still Part Of The Alien Sect””

  1. captain america says:

    this is no coincidence anymore.