Universal Player – International Supermodel Patrick Ribbsaeter Is Back With Us!

We are happy to have Patrick Ribbsaeter back with the Celebrity Dirty Laundry family. Patrick will share and give us  a backstage pass to everything he experiences,  FASHION, PARTIES, MODELS, CELEBRITIES, TRAVEL, FOOD, SHOPPING, WINE and DINING.  If anyone is qualified to do so it is Patrick! He has modeled for the biggest designer houses. To name a few, Armani, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Dior, Gaultier, Hugo Boss and Paul Smith. He has also appeared in many phone and luxury car commercials. He also owns his own modeling agency in Mumbai and an agent for over 70 models around the world. Patrick is one of the sweetest guys you could ever meet.

His mother tongue is Swedish, yet he speaks Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, with some German and Thai. He accent is great! We know you will fall in love with him like we have!  For more about Patrick check out his blog HERE

Robyn & Annemarie!

Hey Anne marie, Robyn and Everybody reading Celebdirtylaundry.com !  Hope you all had a great new year on 2009 ?

Its with great pleasure I’m writing this. I’m back to give u all the latest scoop from BAngkok(Thailand), parties, people, food, traveling, politics(nah) not my cup of tea.. But occasionally yes, when its a must..!

Its been quite sometime since I wrote my post here on celebdirtylaundry.com.

Much of the reason I did not have anytime to write, I got stuck with so much work. Some did better then other some went down the drain. But At least I survive to fight another day. And this year will be far the biggest year for me. And I’m sur for all of us… 2008 Was the worst year ever for many people around the world, and its doesn’t seem to get any better with the war in Israel. At least there are hope for Barack Obama when he steps in and take over the throne after George Bush. Anyway, I’m not here to talk politics.. But fashion, and my journey through life… 

My plans on going back to india last year has been totally postponed for many reasons. Last year I meet the woman of my life, who will be the greatest mother for my child. Her name is Kannika Chaiyasarn"Lynn". We have know each other for for about 1 year soon. About 7-8 month months ago we found out that she is pregnant and will give birth to my son in middle of february next month. That turn changed my hole perspective on things, business, family, friends, future etc.. Its all for the better of course ;) We are both very exicted about the baby. We still have no name though. For now we call him LITTLE PLAYER, but that will definitely be changed before he start school.. ha ha, We don’t want other kids to pick on him for being the bigger player then they are ;)  SO what have u all been up to ? Please leave us your comments. Would love to see hat u guys are planning for 2009 and what is your wish for this year ?

On New years Eve I had my last dinner party for 2008. It turned out very successful. My long friend time(Colleen Francisca-Mason) from Singapore. She was the former Miss World contestant, she came for visit with her sister and newly wedded husband(Guy). I had called upon couple of more friends to join the party. It was kinda last minute.. But it all turned out well in the end…. Mostly all lady friends came.. the dinner was great. We ate at bacchus Restaurant which is a french Italian place. Very good , and the owner "koji" is from Japan. So the place suddenly becomes a fusion between french/Italian & japanese. VERY GOOD START FOR 2009!

http://www.longtablebangkok.com)  Good crowd of people there. Up market and music is good, a lot of space to move around.. Definitely a joint to check out on your trip to Thailand…

So after all this clubbing, its was not enough. Around 4-5 PM we headed to another friend club called "TUNNEL". There is all black.. I lost my phone which I’m not that proud off.. I hate myself to that. I used to the jinxed with mobile phones before. So after this long night. I dropped my friends of at their hotel Dusit thani, and I crashed out there myself until lunch.. My girlfriend must have been worried. But she know’s my work and keeps it cool. Call me irresponsible , but its tough living in the fast lane. And doing that, u really need someone who can understand you. Which she does ! I thank and love her for that!!!

God bless u all and hope you all are happy I’m being back in the saddle. I will do my best to find you players some good interesting content and updates from Thailand. Best wishes to anne marie and robyn for keeping us updated with all these fantastic news about celebrities and more…

Ps: Start your 2009 with Power and Focus….

Singing off,