Vanessa Paradis Covers Elle France Nov 2009

French singer, actress & Johnny Depp’s significant other Vanessa Paradis is the featured face on the cover page of fashion magazine Elle France for the month of November 2009.

After a 20 years of being in the business, Vanessa Parads is releasing a Best Of.
The occasion to rediscover our divine idol, who plays, with the guidance of Jean-Baptiste Mondino, all the music roles that she loves!

More than 20 years and her first Best Of, Vanessa Paradis isn’t in a hurry, just a young girl who left the job of filming the video of her amazing single "Il y a" to her lover, Johnny Depp. Composed by Gaetan Roussel, the new single is the chic et choc of the double CD. Vanessa Paradis obviously knows how to surround herself. After Serge Gansbourg, Lenny Kravitz and Mattieu Chedid , the men who accompanied her on the road to success, it’s to Roman Duris who she’ll play opposite to in the feature film "L’Arnacoeur" which comes out March 17th of next year. But while waiting to speak movies, let’s talk Joe le Taxi to Divine Idylle, and the variations of many themes (Variations sur les memes themes).

Elle: Why come out with your first Best of now?
VP: It wasn’t really my idea, mostly my record companies idea for the last few years. I wasn’t really interested, I didn’t feel as though I had made enough albums, but really, I was just being lazy (about putting out a Best Of). Not just lazy, but also busy enough as is, with my children. Then I decided to put one out. I figured it would be as easy as putting together all the successful singles and a few other songs that I liked, then package it up! Not really.. it’s really a lot of work.

Elle: So , there are actually two CDs; one for your hits, then another one a little more personal.
VP: I didn’t want to just put together the most well known songs, so the second CD was a bit of an indulgence for myself. It features "I love Paris", a song I put out for the Paris Airports, also a clip from "Le Soldat Rose" which I love, and a few other songs from the side, which the public hasn’t really heard. There is also a completely new piece, an amazing unreleased song from Gaetan Roussel, the singer from "Louise Attaque". I had heard it once and thought it was just wonderful. A top notch, humble boy with crazy talent!

Elle: A Best Of, it’s also a look back on your career. Do you remember your first urge to do music?
VP: My earliest musical memories were from from the music we listened to at the house! All the good varieties of 70s music! I also used to listen to Emilie Jolie nonstop. After, the idea of doing music came naturally from my uncle. One day I went with him to a recording session for Sophie Marceau’s album. The sounds, the voices, I just suddenly thought that it was for me, that I was born to do it. I pictured myself in Sophie Marceau’s place. 

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