When All Else Fails Leak A Sex Tape!


LOL you just had to know this would happen.  What does someone with no talent, no looks and no media attention do?  You guessed it-release a sex tape.  Apparently there will be a Shauna Sand one released to the internet any day now.  Now not that I am suspicious but her ex-hubby and family had their reality show premiere yesterday – wonder if Shauna was feeling a little jealous.

Vivid Entertainment is claiming they have acquired the Shauna Sand sex tape, featuring the former Playboy model and her boyfriend, and plans to release it October 19

Now Shauna admits she made the sex tape – she takes offense because she says she did agree to Vivid to release it.  So we are to believe she did not want the tape to be release.  Ya right, I believe in the tooth fairy as well LOL.  Meanwhile. Vivid Entertainment says they have the legal right to release the tape.  Why do I think this is just a publicity stunt by Shauna to get a little attention she is such an attention whore!  For screencap preview of the sex tape go HERE.   Photo: Flynet Pictures