A Snooki Christmas – Getting Paid To Party!

A Snooki Christmas - Getting Paid To Party!

Millionaire Jason Hope is throwing  $500,000 Christmas Party and he wants his guests to feel special.  So he decided to spend $200,000 to pay celebs to attend the happy gathering. 
Ludacris comes in as number one – he is getting almost $100,000 to be the DJ – at least he is contracted to do a 45 minute set – not bad work if you can get it!  Amongst the celebs getting paid just to show up, the Jersey Shore’s Condom Poster Girl, Snooki, is highest paid at $17,500. 

Others on the list of stars paid to party are:
“Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul at $16,000;
Kardashian stepfather Bruce Jenner at $15,000;
Stephanie Pratt and Lo Bosworth at $12,500 each
Giuliana and Bill Rancic got $15,000 total
Dean Cain rounds out the list at $5000.
So simple arithmetic tells us that in today’s world of face fame, Snooki is worth 3 and 1/2 times a former Superman, Dean Cain.