Another Day Another Gary Coleman Will…

Gary Coleman – who died aged 42 after suffering a brain haemorrhage last month – named Anna Gray as executor of his estate and bequeathed all his assets to her in the 23-page document, which is dated February 3 2005.   Anna – who has been reported as being the CEO of his corporation – filed the will in Utah yesterday, days after the actor’s ex-wife Shannon Price submitted a handwritten 2007 document which left everything to her, and soon after his former manager Dion Mial handed in a 1999 will, which named him as executor of the late star’s estate.

Gary’s agent Robert Malcolm described Anna as his client’s most trusted friend and says she even lived with him – in separate bedrooms – before he met Shannon and relocated to Utah.   He told Entertainment Tonight: “When Shannon moved in, the relationship got difficult because Shannon didn’t like the fact that there was somebody else in his life and, of course, he sided with Shannon and Anna was asked to leave."

If the 2005 will is valid, it will override the document filed by Dion.   Though the 2007 will was written later, there are doubts over its validity as it was not witnessed or notarised.   However, Shannon’s lawyer insists he intends to continue working on putting his client in control of Gary’s affairs.  Attorney Todd A. Bradford told “I will handle everything as I would have before, because the 2007 addendum names Shannon as the sole beneficiary.   "I don’t think this would affect her legal rights because the codicil was written in 2007 and this new will is from two years earlier."