Bethenny Getting Married Clips For Thursday’s Episode [07.29.10]

After a long and tough labor, Bethenny and Jason are joined at the hospital by Jason’s parents to welcome baby Bryn into the world. Like most new parents, when it’s finally time to take Bryn home the two have no idea what is in store for them; they can’t even get the baby out of the car seat without the baby nurse’s help!  Sleepless nights and new motherhood turn Bethenny’s world upside, but with her patient husband and loving in-law’s, it’s nothing she can’t handle.  How will Bethenny and Jason survive the first couple of weeks as clueless and exhausted parents? And will they ever master getting Bryn out of her car seat? Find out this Thursday 7/29 @10/9c on BRAVO’s BRAVO’s Bethenny Getting Married?

The Two Idiots are Home: Jason Hoppy and Bethenny Frankel have a tough time getting their baby out of the car.

The New Grandparents: Jason’s parents visit and congratulate the new parents

Motherhood is no Joke: Bethenny learns firsthand how tiring it is to care for a newborn.