“Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations!” on BRAVO’s Real Housewives of New Jersey

Ah, like mother like daughter! After hearing the premiere of Danielle Staub’s new single a few weeks back, her youngest daughter Jillian prepares for her big break to be debuted at her sister’s Sweet 16. But when she expresses a few insecurities, Danielle encourages her daughters to put themselves out there…whether it’s performing a song or pursuing a career in modeling; does she push her daughters too hard or is she being a supportive mom?  Also celebrating a big occasion, Teresa and Joe look forward to their 10th wedding anniversary. With all of the rumored money issues that the Giudice’s are experiencing, will Teresa get the diamonds she’s been hoping for or will the celebration be a letdown? Find out this Monday 7/26 @ 10/9c on BRAVO’s Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Christine’s Birthday Song: Danielle Staub’s daughter Jillian has been practicing a song for her sister’s birthday party.

Anniversary Equals Diamonds: It’s Joe and Teresa Guidice’s 10th anniversary and you know Teresa wants something big!
  • Donny

    I am definitely going to tune into the new episode on Monday

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