Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie Heading For Divorce… or Marriage?

It seems that the couple of the century, the Jolie Pitts, visited a divorce lawyer not in order to split up but to prepare to get closer together.  The insider says that the purpose of the trip to the lawyer was to draw up a prenuptial agreement – obviously to protect their enormous assets in the event of a divorce should they split up after a potential marriage.  We live in a very ugly litigious age when even beautiful people like these have to see a lawyer in order to consider getting married or splitting up.  Apparently they saw a lawyer and discussed custody and support of their 6 children – therefore you can be sure that have considered splitting up. If you do not consider splitting up then you do not see divorce lawyers.

I hope the couple does split up. Poor Brad needs some time to live his life not to be tied down with a nut like Angelina Jolie who insists on playing earth mother between her poorly acted roles on the big screen.   Brad is so much a more talented actor than she – not even in the same league.  Photo: Fame Pictures

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