Britney Spears Betrayed By Parents!

Britney Spears Betrayed By Parents!

As you already know, Britney Spears has been under her father’s thumb for quite some time, after being placed under a conservatorship after going crazy.

We’ve all heard that Jamie was being strict with Britney and what she was allowed to do, who she was allowed to contact and some have said even her clothing choices. (Lack of a bra ring a bell?) When Britney was feeling down about dear old dad’s rules, she’d always run to her mother, Lynne, to complain.

Britney’s parents have just gone public with their reconciliation and instead of being happy for them, Britney feels betrayed. She feels that their rekindled romance could ruin her chances for freedom from the conservatorship.

A source said, “Britney feels completely betrayed. Britney used to be able to confide in Lynne about all the problems she had with her father. Lynne gave Britney hope that she could get out of the conservatorship and e on her own again. She even promised to speak to Britney’s doctors and lawyers on her behalf. Now Britney realizes Lynne was going behind her back and telling Jamie everything she said.”

She’s said to be believe that Lynne is motivated by money, because Jamie is making bank off of the conservatorship. He earns $16,000 per month as one of Britney’s conservators.

The insider added, “If Jamie were no longer her conservator, the money would stop and Lynne and Jamie would both again become dependent on Britney’s generosity for money. Britney doesn’t want her parents back together. She thinks their relationship is very dysfunctional.”